Joseph DiFiglia

Executive Director
New Jersey Council for Economic Education

Institute for Financial Literacy and Economic Education at NJCU School of Business

An economy based on mutually beneficial voluntary exchange is the cornerstone of a prosperous and peaceful society. I am inspired daily by the passion of scholars and educators who advocate for economic freedom. My mission is to share their passion and their knowledge with a broader audience, ultimately enriching everyday conversations with the economic way of thinking.


Voluntary Exchange curates and distributes thought-provoking, inspiring and jargon-free content. Our audience, some of whom may have little or no formal economics training, will be introduced to influential thinkers and of course, powerful ideas. Subscribers will become confident well-informed econ ambassadors who can think beyond the political rhetoric which dominates today’s economic dialogue.


Economic illiteracy is the great threat to continued improvement in the human condition. The stakes are high. Choices we make today will determine whether citizens of all nations live a life of poverty, ignorance, and fear, or a life of wealth, health and promise.


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My other passion project

Shaping New Jersey’s future at the NJ Council for Economic Education.